If you see a message on Stream.roughnrowdybrawl.com that states "Not  Authorized" while attempting login your account may not be authorized for access, you may be signed from too many concurrent browsers or you may have signed up under a different email address during registration. 

We recommend you do the following:

  1. Sign in to Roughnrowdybrawl.com to confirm your account has access to the stream. If you already purchased the event but are still prompted to purchase again then your account does not have access to the event (You may have entered the wrong email address during registration!).
  2. If you have access, try logging out of all your devices. It is common for users to purchase over mobile then attempt to stream on a computer. You can only be signed into one device at time (If you already signed out, continue to the next step.). This will force a sync between your device and our billing system. 

This message means your account is not tied to the PPV purchase. First try logging out of your account, then quit your browser or iOS application entirely, then log back in directly at Stream.roughnrowdybrawl.com. This will force a sync between your device and our billing system. 

If you continue to have issues, can you please confirm the original email address that you used at signup? Once we have this information, we’d be happy to attempt to locate your account and check your RNR PPV Purchase status.

  1. Try to access the stream from a different device or browser. (Remember to logout first and disable any ad-blockers!) For example if you are using Safari, try Chrome or if you are using your computer, try accessing from your mobile browser.
  2. In the event you remain unable to complete login on the streaming site contact support. We can attempt to locate the mistyped email address and update the address. 

Please note: If you prefer not to wait to speak with support, feel free to purchase the event again then reach out to [email protected] and request a refund for the second purchase. Proof of purchase required for all refund requests.

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