If you’re having an issue logging in or purchasing, make sure you’re using a compatible up to date web browser, you are not logged in elsewhere and you turned off your ad-blocker.

You need to have purchased the fight directly from Roughnrowdybrawl.com on your computer or phone before you can access the streaming page. The live event stream can be viewed directly at Stream.roughnrowdybrawl.com on the day of the event. If you encounter any issues, we recommend you try signing in to the streaming page directly on the day of the event.

If that didn't help, see if any of the following helps:

  1. Try signing in on another device (If you cant sign in on another device, continue to the next step.)
  2. Try another browser to see if the issue is limited to a particular browser. (We recommend Google Chrome or Safari.)
  3. Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser. 
  4. Clear your browsers cookies and cache. To find out how to do this, search your browser's help for "clear cookies." (Make sure to restart your browser after!)

Signing in should really be a seamless process. We’ve attempted to identify the rest of the common contributors to failed logins, and have outlined resolutions to them below. 👊

  • Already have an account: If you previously purchased Rough N' Rowdy under your existing email address and are trying to log back in to purchase the event make sure to select  the "My Account" button in the top right to login with your existing Rough N' Rowdy account.
  • Registered with Facebook: If you registered with Facebook, you must login through the Facebook button.
  • Entered wrong email address during registration: It's ok mistakes happen. If you mistyped your email when you created your account and never received a purchase confirmation email, please contact support over chat or email and we can get your address updated.
  • Can't access the email associated with your account: If you no longer have access to the email associated with your account or you, please contact support over chat or email and we can get your address updated.
  • Registered with an old email: You can still use it to login. The confirmation email is for your personal records only.
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