First and foremost, if you’re having an issue with the password reset, make sure you’re using a compatible web browser (Chrome or Safari) and you turned off your ad-blocker. The password reset box is a pop-up window so we want to make sure Ad-block is disabled.

If that didn't help, see if one of the following does.

Don’t remember your password
If you previously purchased Rough N' Rowdy under an existing email address and do not remember your password. Click here and select the “Forgot Password” link.

Not receiving the password reset email
Search your spam or junk mail folder for email from [email protected]. If you still can not find the email, try adding the address to your safe sender list, and then try resetting the password again.

Still not receiving the password reset email
 You may have mistyped or entered the wrong email address at signup. Let us know what you think you entered and what it should be changed to. We will try our best to locate the account and update the address. If we are unable to locate the account you will have to purchase again and we can refund you once proof of purchase is provided. You can reach us on live chat before and during events or via email at [email protected].

Password reset email not working
 Make sure you logged out completely from the account you originally logged into before attempting to change your password. The password reset email will not work if you are logged into the website already.

Know your password and want to change it
You can change your password from the my account page under profile. Just login and click here.

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