The fight will be live streamed on You can watch the fight on any Google Chrome or Safari compatible device (including iPhone and Android) and mirror your laptop / desktop / phone to your TV with Apple TV / Chromecast for a larger viewing option.

The event starts at 7:30pm (EST) and should run to about 11:00pm (EST). Once you get to the site, purchase the fight. If you already purchased, use the login button. After logging in you are automatically redirected to the live event page at If you have any issues, please try signing in directly to the streaming page.

Please note: You cannot rewind the event once it has started.

What about the replay?
If you're late or miss the fight live, the pay-per-view event replay will be available on demand shortly after the event until Sunday, Oct 7th 11:59pm (EST). You will have 48 hours from the conclusion of the event to go back and watch it. Afterwards, it will be unavailable.

Need some technical help with the stream? Check out one of these articles below! 👊

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