Rough and Rowdy 7 - Atlanta, GA.

The rules can always be viewed on website when the fighters fill out their application.  

Rules and Regulations

(1) Contestants must be 18-35 yrs. old and shall have photo identification.

(2) Each contest shall be limited to three one-minute rounds with a minute rest in between rounds.

(3) Each contest shall be scored by the 10 point must system.

(4) Fighter must attend night before weigh-ins.

(5) All fighters must get (fighter trio) bloodwork done at an approved lab to prove fighter is negative for HIV, Hep B and C.  Bloodwork must be within 6 months of date of scheduled fight.

(6) Contestants shall not have any previous professional experience in
boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing or any other unarmed combat sport.

(7) Contestant shall not have a combined total of more than 5 wins in Olympic style amateur boxing, amateur kick-boxing and amateur mixed martial arts.

(8)  This event is sanctioned by the ISKF.

Weight classes for men & women

Light Flyweight Less than 108
Flyweight  109–114 lbs.  with 6 lb. weight differential
Bantamweight  115–123 lbs.  with 8 lb. weight differential
Lightweight  124–132 lbs.  with 8 lb. weight differential
Light Welterweight 133-141 lbs.  with 8 lb. weight differential
Welterweight  142-152 lbs.  with 10 lb. weight differential
Middleweight 153-165 lbs.  with 12 lb. weight differential
Light Heavyweight 166-179 lbs.  with 13 lb. weight differential
Heavyweight 180-201 lbs.  with 22 lb. weight differential
Super Heavyweight 202 lbs. to unlimited


*All contestants wear 16 oz. gloves, groin protector, and a mouth piece.  Headgear is optional.  If a contestant opts to use it then his/her opponent must wear it. 

*The gloves, headgear and all necessary protective equipment is provided by the promoter.

*Strongly recommended to bring your own mouth guard and groin cup to wear under shorts. If not, you can use the groin cup we provide to wear on the outside of your shorts. 

*Promoter provides dedicated skilled cornermen, fresh towels and water in the corners.


*Boxing or athletic shorts without metal zippers or pockets.

*Athletic shirt, under gear, tank tops or T’s are optional.

*Boxing/wrestling or sneakers with rubber soles allowed.   

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